Information for Manitobans

COVID-19 Vaccine

What is a vaccine?

A vaccine is a kind of medicine. It comes in a needle or shot.

What does a vaccine do?

Getting a vaccine keeps you from getting sick. There are different kinds of vaccines for different illnesses or diseases.

Are vaccines safe?

Yes. Doctors and scientists work hard to make sure vaccines are safe. Only vaccines that are safe are approved to be used in Canada. The safety of vaccines is reviewed often.

Is there a vaccine for COVID-19?

Yes, there are a few new vaccines for COVID-19.

Are the COVID-19 vaccines safe? They were made very fast.

Yes. Doctors and scientists worked hard to make sure the COVID-19 vaccines are safe. Only vaccines that are safe are approved to be used in Canada. The safety of vaccines is reviewed often.

Can I get COVID-19 from the vaccine?

No. You cannot get COVID-19 from the vaccine. The vaccine helps your body recognize and fight COVID-19.

Are there side effects to the COVID-19 vaccine?

After you get the vaccine, you could have side effects. Your arm might be sore where you got the shot. You might feel tired or have a fever. This means your body is responding to the vaccine. These side effects might last for a few days.

Some people might be allergic to vaccines. They might have more serious side effects. These serious side effects are rare.

What if my symptoms last longer than a few days?

You could have caught a virus before you got the vaccine. If your symptoms last longer than one or two days, you might be getting sick. You should self-isolate (keep away from other people) and get tested for COVID-19.

Who will get the vaccine first?

Doctors, nurses and other health-care providers are getting the vaccine first in Manitoba.

Some of the other people to get the vaccine first are people who might get very sick. This includes older people and Indigenous people.

When can I get the vaccine?

It takes time to make enough vaccine for everyone. Different people will get the vaccine at different times. Governments and experts are working together to make those decisions. More information will be shared when it is time for people to get the vaccine.

Do I have to keep wearing a mask and staying away from other people if I get the vaccine?

Yes. Wearing a mask and physical distancing will help keep you and others safe.

Do I have to pay to get the vaccine?

The vaccine is free for people in Manitoba.

Do I have to get the vaccine?

You get to choose if you want the COVID-19 vaccine. You do not have to have the vaccine.

Lots of people are saying different things about the vaccine. Some information might not be right. You can talk to health-care providers to learn more about the vaccine. They will provide you with good information.

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